Cowlitz County A.B.A.T.E.

Dedicated to Freedom of the Road


At a time when our democratic process is prepared to strip us of our rights to ride free and unencumbered, Cowlitz County ABATE offers all citizens the opportunity to join together and fight back. Cowlitz County ABATE believes the direction of the best defense is through education; from educating its membership on the latest legislative battle, to educating the legislators themselves on "the other half of the story."

"Next in importance to freedom and Justice, is education, without which neither Freedom nor Justice can be permanently maintained."
James A. Garfield, 20th President of the U.S.A.

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P.O. Box 328
Kelso, WA 98626
Committee Chair Positions OPEN Description and duties
Legislative Report on current motorcycle issues on local, State and Federal levels.
Safety & Ed. Oversee Motorcycle Safety & Education at Cowlitz Driving School. Must be certified to instruct course.
Public Relations Notify media of events and newsworthy stories about Cowlitz County ABATE and motorcycles in general.
Products Oversees purchase and sales of Cowlitz County ABATE products.
Runs and Events The Chair of this committee (Road Caprian) informs the membership of upcoming runs and eventsand coordinates any rund and events put on my Cowlitz County ABATE.
Historian Gathers photos and such of past runs and events.
Ways and Means Collects merchandise to be used as prizes at Cowlitz County ABATE events.
Interested? ... Contact:  
Kim Rongey 360-562-2532
Shawn K. Bohnas 360-864-2706

Current Officer Positions


Deputy Coordinator




Sergent at Arms

Shawn K. Bohnas

Shawn K. Bohnas

Heather Davis

Shawn K. Bohnas

Ron Fryer

Heather Davis